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the Lacey Duvalle Gag Video - Popular Porn Star Gets Abused!
(the video that made her retire..? information at the bottom of this page)

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A few days ago The Very Popular porn star Lacey Duvalle put herself into a fucked up situation!

Lacey Duvalle was shooting a hardcore porn video with a group of white guys.  She was explained everything before hand!  Rough blow jobs,  Hard fucking, etc...

Lacey didn't take the guys too seriously and she proceeded with the video shoot as planned.   The video got hard and rough as Lacey went to work on the white cocks.  Gagging and choking... she continued.

The white boys went to work immediately on Lacey... humiliating her, degrading her, making her gag, and, of course, abusing her cunt and throat.  (Nice work guys!)

The fellas destroyed her dignity and soul, as well as her body, and made Lacey gag and throw up.   Yet... Lacey continued to suck those dicks even in a pool of her own vomit.  (What a champ!)

Lacey Duvalle - black porn star Owned!  Funny what the ho's will do for a buck or two!  Lacey Duvalle Gag Video

WARNING: This video is very rare and very extreme...



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